Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage is aimed at addressing musculoskeletal issues, relieving pain, and promoting overall well-being. It is a holistic approach that considers not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of discomfort and pain.

Remedial Massage can work hand-in-hand with Chiropractic Care to give you the best results in maintaining your health.

Remedial Massage Therapy

How Does Remedial Massage Work?

Remedial Massage works by employing various physical techniques to improve the body’s natural healing processes. The therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. The primary goals are to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility, and enhance blood circulation. Your therapist tailors the treatment to your needs, focusing on specific problem areas or providing a full-body massage for overall relaxation and wellness.

Unlike a relaxing spa massage, Remedial Massage therapists are highly trained professionals who use their skills to assess and target specific areas of concern.

The Benefits of Massage in Combination with Chiropractic Care

When Remedial Massage is combined with Chiropractic Care, the results can be truly transformative. Chiropractic adjustments focus on realigning the spine and musculoskeletal system, while Remedial Massage complements these adjustments by addressing soft tissue issues. The synergy between these two therapies can enhance the effectiveness of each, leading to improved mobility, reduced pain, and faster recovery from injuries.

The benefits of combining Remedial Massage with Chiropractic include:

Improved Joint Mobility

Chiropractic adjustments can realign joints, while Massage Therapy helps relax and condition the surrounding muscles, leading to enhanced joint mobility.

Pain Relief

Together, these therapies can provide significant pain relief, especially for conditions like lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Stress Reduction

The calming and relaxing effects of Massage Therapy can alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being alongside Chiropractic Care.

Faster Recovery

Combining these treatments can expedite the healing process after injuries, surgeries, or accidents.

What Techniques Does a Massage Therapist Use?

At Natural Health Chiropractic, Mitcham we have amazing massage therapists who can work with you, using a variety of techniques to address tension or injury in your soft-tissue.

The choice of technique depends on the individual’s needs and the therapist’s assessment of their condition. Some common techniques include:

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this technique helps release chronic muscle tension and knots.

Swedish Massage

Known for its relaxation benefits, Swedish Massage involves long, gliding strokes to promote overall relaxation and circulation.

Trigger Point Therapy

Therapists target specific points of muscle tension, known as trigger points, to relieve pain and improve range of motion.

Myofascial Release

This technique focuses on the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, to release tension and improve mobility.


Therapists may incorporate passive stretching to improve flexibility and range of motion.

Sports Massage

Geared towards athletes, this technique helps prevent and treat sports-related injuries, enhance performance, and reduce recovery time.

Massage with Chiropractic benefits

The History of Remedial Massage

The roots of Remedial Massage Therapy can be traced back thousands of years to ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, and Greece. These cultures recognized the therapeutic benefits of touch and manual manipulation for healing and relaxation.

In the modern context, Remedial Massage evolved from a blend of Western and Eastern techniques. It gained prominence in the 20th century as healthcare professionals recognized its potential to complement medical treatments. Today, Remedial Massage is an integral part of holistic healthcare, offering a natural and effective approach to managing pain and promoting wellness.

Conditions Suited for Treatment by Massage

Remedial Massage is a versatile therapy that can address hundreds of conditions. Here are ten conditions ideally suited for treatment through this holistic approach:

  • Lower Back Pain: Remedial Massage can alleviate tension in the lower back muscles and improve lumbar spine mobility.
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain: Targeted massage techniques can relieve tension and discomfort in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Headaches and Migraines: By relaxing the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders, massage can help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.
  • Sports Injuries: Sports Massage can aid in the recovery of sports-related injuries, including strains and sprains.
  • Chronic Pain Conditions: Conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis can benefit from regular massage therapy to manage pain and improve mobility.
  • Postural Issues: Massage can help correct postural imbalances by releasing tight muscles and promoting better alignment.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Massage therapy has a calming effect on the nervous system, making it an excellent tool for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Pregnancy Discomfort: Prenatal massage can relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and promote relaxation for expectant mothers.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI): Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow can benefit from focused massage techniques.
  • Rehabilitation: Massage plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process after surgery or injury, promoting faster healing and reducing scar tissue.

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