What We Do

At Natural Health Chiropractic, we believe in a natural, holistic approach to health-care, and to healthy living.

A lot of the people who seek chiropractic treatment are in some kind of pain, and we understand how debilitating and affecting pain can be on your life and mind-set.

For many people, a “quick-fix” which comes in a child-proof bottle is their go-to solution. Whilst pain medication can be an absolute godsend, and may be necessary for certain kinds of pain, many people with age, stress or injury related pain won’t find lasting relief in the little white bottles.

Our goal is not to prescribe drugs to hide or mask our patients’ pain, our goal is to discover the underlying cause of their pain, and work with our patients to correct it.

Our Services

We offer our patients chiropractic care, massage therapy and nutrition and wellness advice.

Whilst each of these services stand-alone as a great investment for your health, it’s often better to use multiple techniques to compliment one another and target specific issues and causes of pain. It’s very rare that joint problems won’t be accompanied by tension of injury in your soft tissue, if you get chiropractic treatment without addressing related injury or tension in your soft tissue, you may still experience pain, and reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

By combining chiropractic care with massage therapy and nutritional changes, these services may have even more powerful healing and transformative effects, relieving pain, increasing mobility and improving your general health, vitality and well-being.

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For great health, our bodies require a nervous system that’s functioning at its best. The nervous system acts as a communication device between parts of the body, but physical or psychological stresses caused by general day-to-day activity make it prone to dysfunction. When that occurs, and communication between areas of the body is prevented, we may experience discomfort, pain, and other distressing health issues.